Written for both adolescent and adult learners, Financial Literacy 1.0, aims to steer the learner clear of the many financial pitfalls, while striving to achieve financial success through the use of committed, disciplined, and patient money management skills.  In six lessons, this seven week curriculum teaches basic financial management skills and shares basic information for choosing a bank, managing checking and savings accounts, building good credit, establishing a budget plan, evaluating investment instruments, and understanding our economy.  Financial Literacy 1.0, is available in a textbook and an instructor’s manual.  Its intended use is in an interactive setting where students can implement their new knowledge by completing lesson exercises, playing financial games, participating in group projects, and having lots of fun!

ISBN: 978-0-9891659-0-7 (Textbook)                            ISBN: 978-0-9891659-1-4 (Instructor’s Manual)
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Paperback - Standard Binding                                      Paperback - Spiral Binding
64 Pages - Includes review questions                         104 Pages - Includes Textbook, answer keys, instructional guidance
at end of each lesson.                                                    and suggestions and additional optional exercises for course implementation.            



The Book of Basic Financial Management Skills