About The Author

Marcia Maith Glover graduated from the College of Notre Dame, Baltimore, Maryland.  She spent more than 31 years in the finance industry, primarily in trust banking.  Starting as a young woman and being devoid of “financial literacy” herself, she was fortunate to land a job, which became a career, in the trust division of a major banking corporation.   She rose from an Administrative Assistant to the rank of Senior Vice President during her career.  Over that period she learned the importance of having a basic level of financial knowledge to build upon.  She represented her corporation in schools, and summer camps, teaching basic banking and encouraging students to pursue careers in banking.  She also  mentored middle school students, and served as a mentor solicitor/coordinator.  She strongly believes that the subject of Financial Literacy should be included in the curriculum for both middle and high school students to prepare them for the “real world”. After retiring from the industry in 2010, she decided to write a basic financial literacy book, Financial Literacy 1.0.


The Book of Basic Financial Management Skills